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Blink Development truly is a breathe of fresh air in the world of irresponsibility and false deadlines you get from outside vendors assisting your company. I have been using a variety of Blink's services over the past year; I have been impressed with their professionalism and timeliness. More importantly if I did ever have any adjustments to their output, they are quick to respond and do not try to "change order" or "that is outside of scope" me to death. Most importantly for me I can communicate with them on a multiple of levels: they answer my calls, respond to texts, reply to emails.....they are the real deal. No joke. Thank you Blink for helping to grow my business.
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Bobby Kittleman
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We are a group of passionate Orange County Web Design professionals who take pride in the websites that we design and deliver. The satisfaction of our clients means the world to us and it shows in the engaging websites that we design and develop. Our Marketing and Management Team provides ongoing promotion and support, making Blink Development a Full-Service Website Partner.