• No two companies are the same, and we believe no two websites should be either. Allow Blink to design, plan, and execute a beautiful, easily updated, custom website for your company. Our team of web developers are trained and knowledgable in a number of coding languages and computing platforms, ensuring that your site is perfect on every platform available. We analyze what features your current site has, and work with you to determine what features you want your new site to have and combine them to give you a beautifully designed site that represents your company to a T. 

  • Take your site design to the next level by constantly having fresh content on your site. Blink's content team has the strong attention to detail necessary to draw visitors to your site again and again with updates to your site, social media updates and email campaigns. Furthermore, we provide monthly updates about the statsitics of your site: who's visiting, who's coming back, and who's interacting with your social media campaigns. Our hosting and support services allow you to rest assured that the backend of your site is always running smoothly. 

  • Web design is only the beginning once your site is up and running, let Blink continue to grow your brand through our proven marketing practices. We have the tools and resources necessary to create attention for your brand from the people who are most likely to become your constant customers through social media, email campaigns, search engine marketing and banner ads. Our marketing team is trained in Facebook advertising, email marketing best practices, and Google AdWords; meaning we have all the tools to make your company the go-to for your industry. 

We are a group of passionate Orange County Web Design professionals who take pride in the websites that we design and deliver. The satisfaction of our clients means the world to us and it shows in the engaging websites that we design and develop. Our Marketing and Management Team provides ongoing promotion and support, making Blink Development a Full-Service Website Partner.