I've been in a bit of a blog-post-writing funk recently, but I'm back with a nice little post about what I think about Facebook's recent changes and how that affects our company.

In the last couple weeks, Facebook's changes have been big news. It seems like almost everyone has an opinion on the social network's changes, and I haven't seen too many positive opinions out there. Since we manage a number of social media campaigns that include Facebook, I've done quite a bit of thinking about some of the recent Facebook changes.

Social Media and Americans

I don't know about you, but I use social media all day, every day. Although it's rare to find someone in this generation that doesn't use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Yelp, Google +, Blogger or MySpace —or some combination of all of those— it's hard to understand just how far the scope of social media reaches. Until you see it spelled out right in front of you. 

Socially Speaking

The following was inspired by a blog post I happended upon titled "Facebook Fans Provide a Good Return on Investment, Study Says." 


Busy day at Blink today; we’re working multiple new projects with several different clients, we’re still managing and expanding our large past projects, we’re nearing completion of our first iPhone application, and all the while Mike is actively seeking out new business. It often feels like for such a new startup with only a handful of employees we’re operating at the level of much larger startups that have been at this a lot longer than us. Chalk it up to our uncommonly good work ethic, I suppose.

Find everything you want, with out the hassle:

Blink Development has just completed the majority of the design and development our latest project . As the URL implies, it’s a tool that allows you to make search on craigslist across all of the cities craigslist supports. 


Take a break.  Watch the harbor.

With our recent launch of the new website, we've added live cameras for the their collectors to watch their precious investments at any time of the day.  Pretty cool, huh?  As an added bonus we set up a camera on the roof overlooking the beautiful San Pedro Harbor.

Check it out here:  Preview after the jump.

<Insert Buzz-word>

One of the things I love about working for Blink Development is the opportunities it presents me to share with non-technical types what we do.


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