We're very excited for 2012 around here!

Do you like free things?

I don't know anyone who doesn't!
If you head over to the Facebook page for THiNQ, one of our clients, you can enter their contest to win a FREE case of THiNQ! It's free and easy to enter, so what are you waiting for?

Stop Censorship

You may have noticed something different about our website today....

Welcome to our new site!

Hi there everyone! It's been a few months coming now, but we are so pleased to have finally launched our new website! We hope you enjoy it as much as we do. Take a look around at all our great content, including our awesome portfolio of clients! Let us know what you think of our new site!

+Amanda Tomaszewski

Just a peek...

At something coming soon in 2012! We've been hard at work on a new project, and we can't wait for you all to see it! For now, just a little taste of what's to come:  

Happy Holidays!

We hope you all are having a wonderful holiday season with your families. Personally, we've been enjoying holiday treats at the office pretty much all month. Cookies, big popcorn tins, candy canes. As the year is winding down we're looking forward to more GREAT things coming at your in 2012, so stay tuned! 


Things we've loved lately: Issue 1

We love technology around here, and we're always talking about new things that come across our screens.  If we think they're really awesome, I'm going to share them here! 

Issue 1 of "Things we've loved lately" features Google Maps goes indoors. We're very excited to watch this roll out! Maps of indoor places?! Awesome! Now, some of us just have to wait for it to come to the iPhone... (Also, Minotaur not included)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Or, as we like to call it, Happy Blinksgiving! What's your favorite side dish on Turkey Day?? Personally, I'm all about the cornbread. Anyone with me??  Hope everyone's holiday was safe, and good luck if you're shopping tomorrow morning!

Keeping up with the Blinkses

We love improving our skills here at Blink, and we're trying to finish the year with a bang. So when the opportunity rolled around to take some webinars about Facebook advertising, we jumped on it. For the past few weeks, our Digital Marketing Director, John, has been taking up all of our bandwidth watching the webinars and figuring out how we can best use Facebook ads to help our customers.  

Finding THE job

As a 23 year old who recently graduated, there's a lot of pressure to find A job. Most people don't care what job that is, just as long as it's a job that pays you in actual money (unpaid internships post-grad? No thank you). You measure yourself against your friends' jobs ("Oh, her job isn't full time?


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