Share, Chat, and Connect Without the Use of Browser Tabs

As social interaction continues to be more and more popular online, Mozilla has a solution to make it easier to stay connected, share, chat, and update your audience. Currently, when you are online, the use of multiple tabs is required to stay connected with friends on all social sites. In a partnership with Facebook, Mozilla Firefox has released a beta version of its Social API, which plugs the social media site directly into the browser. This means that as you browse the internet, you will have constant access and visibility to your social sites.

Having the social sites accessible this way not only makes it easier to stay connected with your friends, but will provide the option to share current websites you are browsing with them. Mozilla is implementing a Facebook “like” button in the address bar so that people have the option to “like” or “share” the site for ones that don’t currently offer their own social sharing buttons. If people need to focus and are worried about being bothered about the constant feeds from the social sites, Mozilla is also proving the ability for you to hide it when you really need to concentrate on tasks other than socializing.

Not only will this Social API keep people connected to their online social networks, but this could become a great way to stay connected with peers when working on projects, being notified in real-time of important emails or correspondence, and access your favorite music.

Going forward, Mozilla plans on having the capabilities of supporting multiple social sites at once. We will see how this works because as of now Twitter has no desire for this sort of API and Google+ is already doing this on their own Chrome browser.

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