First Month With Blink Development

With my first month down in the books here at Blink Development as I just started May 6, 2013, some moments were calm while others you could be up to your eyes in last minute changes before the weekend. Definitely have had to excel in multi-taking and the ability to handle multiple projects at once while still meeting certain timelines when assigned to me. Times can be stressful but all the hard work I have put in is really worth it to see the end results and be proud of my work. Aside from the crazy times I'm glad to be part of this tight niche family they have formed and they have accepted me with open arms.  

Its also a great work environment to be a part of with a lot of positive encouragement and already steering me into the right direction, where at previous jobs I never felt like I was apart of the team or could make a difference but everyday I come in I'm learning something new that I'm passionate about. With the skills and tools I have already learned and will continue to grow I'll be able to use them later in my future career endeavors. It's a great team that is constantly having fun but also works harder then any other company, that's a huge plus where I can actually come in to work with a smile and want be here instead of just showing up and leaving.  

Since I've started, I have already seen a lot of growth in a short amount of time and I'm excited to help contribute to the success of Blink Development. 

We are a group of passionate Orange County Web Design professionals who take pride in the websites that we design and deliver. The satisfaction of our clients means the world to us and it shows in the engaging websites that we design and develop. Our Marketing and Management Team provides ongoing promotion and support, making Blink Development a Full-Service Website Partner.