Even the Big Guys Mess Up

Today’s world is all about go, go, go! And when it comes to business, companies are right up there with this motto. So with the fast paced environment we live in, mistakes can happen right? Well the answer to that question is yes! Even some of the best and well known companies have been known to make a mistake or two. It often appears shocking yet funny when these big leagues make a mistake. Check out a few humbling examples we were able to find!

One example is Total Wine & More; they were able to apologize for their mailer when the links weren’t working. In the subject line they wrote, “Oops we’re sorry! The link to your local ad is now working.” It is often humbling when a company can admit to a mistake and fix it. It makes customers relate to the company because they, themselves, are humans and humans make mistakes.

Crate and Barrel, a leading store for furniture, home décor, housewares, and gifts, has even been caught in the act. Crate and Barrel’s website was not able to complete their customer’s purchases when they had a 15% off promotion. They apologized for any inconvenience in their mailer and fixed the dilemma by extending the promotion through the rest of the next day.

The fashionable and sultry Victoria’s Secret even knows when not to keep a secret. Victoria’s Secret’s came out and apologized for their offer codes not working properly. In a mailer, they are quoted in the subject line stating, “Oops! Your Offer Code is Working Now. Check It Out.” Now, how can you be mad at such a well established company when they publically apologize for their mistakes?

When companies make mistakes it just shows they are human. It reveals that there is human error behind it and that mistakes can happen. So if you are a company or person who has made a marketing mistake, don’t panic; fix the error and realize that people are often willing to forgive and laugh with you. Showing that you are humble can make people relate to your company on a more personal level. So next time you see a mistake in a company, just laugh and think, “I’m glad that wasn’t me.”


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